Environmental Policy

Having already switched our main mixing desk to a Yamaha LS9 digital mixer, which saves the need for bulky and heavy outboard equipment racks, in 2009 we committed to making 25% of our lighting LED powered and did so with the purchase of several LED par cans and battens.  A further purchases, including a grant aided purchase replacing all of our tungsten par cans, in 2011 has brought us to 65% of lighting LED or low energy powered.  Our d&b E series PA system further contributes to energy saving, using only around 1/3 of the power of a comparable system.  Like many other companies we use recycled paper but prefer to invoice by e-mail and make and receive payments by bank transfer, however, we are happy to supply a paper invoice should you prefer.  2011 also saw us gain a ‘Carbon Charter Bronze Award’ through the Low Carbon Champions.  Planned purchases for 2012 will continue to enhance our LED and energy efficient lighting stock.

We have been taking part in a new local scheme called Low Carbon Champions and are considering a wide variety of ways to reduce our carbon footprint, including energy efficient and compact equipment.  You can find out more about the Low Carbon Champions by following the links below.

Here you can download our Environmental Policy 2012

We believe that we need to act responsibly to ensure a sustainable environment for future generations.