Band Lighting

Every band wants a great light show for their gig and whether you have no lighting at all or already have some but need some more, we have packages to suit your needs and budget.

Mini – for just £20 hire 4 LED par 56 floor cans and set them to a choice of static colours, colour cycling or sound to light.  Used at an angle to create an effective backdrop these are really great value.

Midi – a new take on traditional rock’n’roll lighting.  With 10 powerful tri-colour par 64 cans and a dmx controller you can create the perfect light show for any music genre.  Package includes

  • 10 x par 64 tri colour LED cans
  • 2 x T bar stands
  • 12 channel dmx controller plus all cables, for only £95
  • Optional smoke machine £5


Maxi – For a stunning light show this package includes


  • 4 x Chauvet Qwash 560z moving heads
  • 8 x par 64 tri colour LED cans
  • 2 x T bar stands
  • 1 x Le Maitre MVS Hazer
  • 1 x Chamsys PC Wing lighting controller
  • 1 x Lighting engineer

Let us provide you with a great light show for only £299

Create – for a perfectly tailored lighting rig, just call us and we will discuss your requirements and tailor a package for you.